Hassle-Free Aviation

At the Santa Barbara Flying Club, we believe aviation should be accessible and hassle-free. That’s why all our aircraft are billed using tach time and not the Hobbs meter. This tach time billing means practicing maneuvers like touch-and-goes is economical, and sitting at the hold short line for extended periods is virtually pennies! As a non-profit organization, we simply pass on the operational costs to our members.

Our hourly rental rates are “wet”, meaning they include fuel and oil. That will put a smile on any pilot’s face!

No Daily Minimums, No Hassles

Planned an epic cross-country adventure? You won’t be nickel-and-dimed with annoying daily minimums. Fly as much or as little as you’d like without constraints. Trips less than 10-days don’t need any special approval. Trips over 10 days simply need a quick approval from our member-led board.

Convenient Scheduling and Billing

Our aircraft are conveniently based at Santa Barbara Airport, with 24/7 online scheduling through our pilot portal. Arrive at the field, hop in with your personal aircraft keys, and take flight – there are no FBO counter hassles. We’ll conveniently bill you at the end of each month. Easily submit fuel receipts from other airports for account credit.

An Accessible, Member-Owned Club

Joining SBFC is straight-forward and simple. You simply pay an initiation fee, a refundable deposit and your first month’s dues. You then have access to the entire fleet once you finish your Club checkouts in each aircraft. If you ever leave the Club, your deposit is refunded back to you. 

Initial Membership Inquiry

To start, simply pay a $300 initiation fee, your first month’s dues and a refundable deposit. This deposit is fully refundable if you depart the Club.

With such a terrific deal and welcoming community, you won’t want to leave! Even flying just a few hours per month saves you money over typical rentals. More importantly, you’ll enjoy the freedom to soar without constraints.

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