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Piper Cherokee Six 300

Wet Rate: $277 / tach hour

The roomy Piper Cherokee Six 300 is perfect for cross-country adventures or flying with family and friends. This stable, forgiving aircraft comfortably seats six and has a generous baggage capacity.

With its reliable 300hp engine and advanced avionics like the Garmin GI-275 HSI, Garmin GNS 430W navigator, JPI EDM 830 engine monitor, and S-Tec 50 autopilot with altitude hold, you’ll have all the power, range and capabilities to explore destinations far and wide with confidence.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or visiting relatives across the state, the Cherokee Six provides a smooth, luxurious ride that makes the journey as enjoyable as the destination. This well-equipped aircraft combines modern technology with classic comfort.

PA-32-300 /G

Engine: 300hp Lycoming IO-540

Cruise @ 75% & 5,000 feet: 150k

Useful Load: 1311 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 84 gallons (two main tanks, two tip tanks)

Avionics: Garmin GNS 430W; Garmin GI-275 HIS; S-tec 50 Autopilot; JPI EDM 830.

With an easy membership process, you'll feel like an owner from the moment you join our vibrant flying community.

Cessna 172M

Wet Rate: $145 / tach hour

The legendary Cessna 172M is a pilot’s favorite for good reason. This iconic trainer is easy to fly yet capable enough for cross-country adventures. Our 172M takes it up a notch with modern upgrades like the Garmin G5 attitude indicator and Garmin GNS 430W navigator.

With IFR certification, you can soar through clouds or clear skies with confidence. The 172’s stable handling and forgiving nature make it a perfect platform for everything from student pilots to seasoned aviators looking to build hours. Step up to the spacious 172M and discover why generations of pilots have fallen for this classic’s unbeatable combination of economy, reliability, and pure fun.

Whether you’re working on ratings or just enjoying a weekend getaway, you’ll quickly see why the 172 is the world’s most popular plane.

CE-172M /G

Engine: 160hp Lycoming O-320-E2D

Cruise @ 75% & 5,000 feet: 115k

Useful Load: 852 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 42 gallons 

Avionics: Garmin GNS 430W; Garmin G5 AI; Flightbox Pro 

With an easy membership process, you'll feel like an owner from the moment you join our vibrant flying community.

Grumman Tiger

Wet Rate: $152 / tach hour

For pilots who crave excitement and performance, the Grumman Tiger is a spirited step up. This low-wing dynamo boasts impressive short-field capabilities and a lively response that will leave you grinning.

Our Tiger is equipped with modern avionics including a Garmin GTN650Xi navigator and GNC 215 nav/com radio to enhance situational awareness. With its innovative sliding canopy and side-by-side seating, you’ll enjoy panoramic visibility and a cockpit experience like no other.

Whether you’re training for complex endorsements or just looking to spice up a weekend adventure, the Tiger’s eager acceleration and sporty handling will electrify your flying. This unique aircraft strikes the perfect balance of vintage character and contemporary avionics. Buckle up and discover the pure joy of piloting a legend.

AA-5B /G

Engine: 300hp Lycoming IO-540

Cruise @ 75% & 8,500 feet: 139k

Useful Load: 938 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 52 gallons

Avionics: Garmin GTN 650Xi; Garmin GNC 215 nav/com; Garmin GTX 327

With an easy membership process, you'll feel like an owner from the moment you join our vibrant flying community.

Vans RV-9A

Wet Rate: $154 / tach hour

For the ultimate thrill ride, look no further than the high-performance Vans RV-9A. This sleek, lightweight aerobatic aircraft will electrify your flying with its extraordinary responsiveness and jaw-dropping capabilities. With a powerful 180hp engine, the RV-9A accelerates eagerly and climbs like a homesick angel.

But the RV-9A isn’t just a wild skylark – it’s also an outstanding cross-country tourer. The side-by-side seating provides panoramic visibility, while the modern avionics suite ensures you navigate efficiently to your destination. With this unique blend of agile handling and long-range ability, the RV-9A expands your aviation horizons.

Whether you’re setting out for a high-performance adventure or an extended cross-country journey, the RV-9A delivers a premium flying experience second to none. For pilots who dream of a precision-crafted, exhilarating aircraft that makes ordinary trainers feel tame, this remarkable RV is your secret weapon. Strap in and prepare for an energizing flight you’ll never forget!

RV-9A / U

Engine: Aerosport O-320-D2A

Cruise @ 75% & 8,000 feet: 162k

Useful Load: 634 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 36 gallons

Avionics: EFIS; Garmin 396 GPS (VFR); Garmin GTX 327; DigiTrack Autopilot

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